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Healthcare Digital Signage

Healthcare Digital Signage

Danforth Systems Software as a Service (SaaS) digital signage platform provides you the most efficient way to run digital signage because it automatically updates and is always current. Instead of using software and hardware that is only as good as the last version you purchased, think of us as a service that always offers the latest and greatest tools the moment they are created. The entire application is a cloud based application so no downloads. No license. No upgrade fees. No specialized hardware. It’s a monthly subscription!

Silver Package

  • 42” HDTV Wall Mounted
  • Chrome Box with all cabling
  • Includes hardware and installation
  • Digital signage web-based software
  • Professional support and upgrades

Gold Package

  • 52” HDTV Wall Mounted
  • Chrome Box with all cabling
  • Includes hardware and installation
  • Digital signage web-based software
  • Professional support and upgrades

Content Features

  • Text and imagery
  • Videos
  • Slideshows
  • Date & time
  • RSS feed support
  • YouTube embed
  • Countdown
  • Google Map
  • Website embed

Full Feature List

CREATIVE STUDIO • Drag & drop interface • Templates • Media Manager• Custom layout • Multi-User • Cloud Integration WIDGETS • Slideshow • Text • Time & Date • Weather • HTML• Webcam • QR Code • RSS • List-eez • YouTube SOCIAL MEDIA • Pull content from popular online services VIDEO • Automatic conversion • YouTube • Live Streaming• 1080p and 4K • Video Walls TOUCH SCREEN • Multi-touch gestures • Single-touch • Smart phone & tablet • Large touchscreen SMART SIZING • Any display size • Any resolution • Portrait or landscape orientation • Video walls REMOTE DEVICE MANAGEMENT • Unlimited devices • Analytics • Health monitoring • Supports Chrome Management

Package Upgrade Options

  • Weather, sports, and news content
  • Custom template design
  • Multiple HDTVs
  • Touchscreens

Health Content Upgrades

Heath Bites
Beautiful series of health tips everyone can appreciate covering topics such as nutrition, exercise, prevention and healthy habits in 15 second 4K clips or images. Healthy Eating (nutrition), Fitness Focus (exercise), Your Health Message (medical, germs, disease), Total Wellness (stress, mental well-being, holistic living). Clips are always 15 seconds in duration. Images can display for 10-15 seconds.

Professional Health News
Deliver useful news that really matters to your audience with two health news feeds which cater to either the consumer or professional audiences. Each feed offers global coverage of the latest in the world of medicine, pharmaceuticals, and trends in the fast-evolving health and wellness industry. English and Spanish consumer health news spanning more than 60 health and wellness topics. We recommend displaying each story for 10-15 seconds, but you may choose any duration for playback.

Local Health Conditions
Each health index category includes both a Current and Forecast view. You can buy a single category or purchase them in a package. Singles: Choose any one category from: Pollen, UV, Air Quality, Arthritis, Cold/Flu, Migraine or Sinus Conditions. Local Allergy & Air Package: A bundle of indexes focusing on environmental influences: Pollen, UV and Air Quality. Local Aches & Pains Package: A nice assortment of health indexes focusing on bodily ailments: Arthritis, Cold/Flu, Migraine and Sinus. Health Conditions Complete Set: Pollen, UV, Air Quality, Arthritis, Cold/Flu, Migraine and Sinus.

Communications Bundle
Inspirations – Educate, inspire and motivate your audience by promoting curiosity, humor and wisdom from a different perspective. Available in 4K resolution. Local Traffic – Current speeds of key routes and maps showing congestion News-in-Pictures – Always interesting, public-friendly, curated news content with consistent HD photos and headlines Health Bites – Short health tip videos to promote healthy living.