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Check out our full line of Wi-Fi tags featuring BLE, RFID, GPS, and infrared technology.

Ekahau B4 Badge Tag

The Personnel Safety solution from AiRISTA Flow is highly customizable and features the Ekahau B4 badge tag, which is a rechargeable tag with LED screen communications. No other RTLS provider offers these advanced features all in one, wireless, Wi-Fi enabled system. To use the system, workers simply check-out a wearable badge tag and turn it at the end of the day. Based on the custom site configurations selected, easy pull-down duress-alert functionality, motion detection, and automated zone breach alerts can be leveraged to enhance worker safety and shorten response times in the event of an emergency on-the-job.

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Ekahau A5 Asset Tag

The AiRISTA Flow featuring Ekahau A5 is the newest member of the Ekahau Wi-Fi tag family. The sleek and slender Ekahau A5 is an active location tracking tag that operates over standards-based, enterprise-grade Wi-Fi networks. Less than twtto inches long, this durable tag requires NO battery changing– when it’s time to power up the tag, simply replace it! In conjunction with Ekahau RTLS, the tag enables location of virtually any asset or object. Because the Ekahau A5 operates on standard Wi-Fi networks, it does not require any extra infrastructure.
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Ekahau A4 and A4+ Asset Tags

AiRISTA Flow featuring Ekahau’s A4 and A4+ active RFID asset tags act as small computers that transmit location data to the Ekahau Vision™ software platform for mapped display. Ekahau A4s weigh less than 3oz, offer up to 5 years of battery life, and are splashproof. The Ekahau A4+ option, which includes a 5V USB connector, relies on an external power source with a backup battery. The batteries on both the Ekahau A4 and A4+ can be replaced. All Ekahau A4s offer two software-programmable buttons with audio and LED alerts. These tags feature over-the-air management as well as built-in motion sensors to help ensure security.
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EKahau LB2 Location Beacon

The AiRISTA Flow featuring Ekahau LB2 location beacon is a battery powered infrared transmitter that refines RTLS location accuracy provided to Ekahau tags and the Ekahau Vision™ RTLS Controller, beyond what is offered using the existing Wi-Fi network alone. The Ekahau LB2 is ideal for areas that have limited Wi-Fi coverage or where sub-room level accuracy is desired.
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AiRISTA Flow AiR T4 BLE Asset Tag

AiRISTA Flow’s AiR-T4 asset tag is designed for monitoring assets within a BLE network environment. The AiR-T4 BLE asset tag offers multiple sensors which enable the optimization of battery life and features multiple alarm/alerting functions. With a small yet rugged water-resistant form factor, the AiR T4 BLE asset tag can be affixed to virtually any piece of equipment or fixture indoors or outdoors for enterprisewide tracking and a variety of other applications.
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AiRISTA Flow AiR T4 BLE Temp Tag

AiRISTA Flow’s AiR-T4 temperature tag is designed for monitoring and logging the temperature of assets. The AiR-T4 offers multiple sensors which can be utilized for humidity, different asset types, or temperature ranges. Utilizing advanced wireless network and sensor technologies, this tag offers innovative, robust, and cost-effective environmental condition monitoring solutions. The AiR-T4 utilizes an existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to transmit environmental condition data in real-time for storing, processing, and alerting of abnormal conditions by sending notifications/alerts via email, SMS, or pre-recorded voice messages.
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AiRISTA Flow AiR T5 BLE Badge Tag

The AiRISTA Flow AiR-T5 BLE badge tag is designed to enable location intelligence for people within a BLE network environment. The AiR-T5 offers multiple sensors, which enable the optimization of battery life and features multiple alarm/alerting functions. This wearable tag works with the AiRISTA Flow Hand Hygiene and Personnel Safety solutions The rugged Air-T5 operates without using proprietary infrastructure and seamlessly integrates with AiRISTA Flow’s RTLS Location Engine.
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AiRISTA Flow AiR RBU Location Beacon

AiRISTA Flow’s AiR Reference Beacon Units (RBU) and locators are designed to wirelessly, using 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi 802.11 standards; provide location reference data to AiRISTA Flow’s family of active RFID and other RTLS tags.
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AiRISTA Flow AiR WRC Wireless Relay Controller

AiRISTA Flow’s AiR Wireless Relay Controller (WRC) is designed to wirelessly, using 2.4GHz Wi-Fi 802.11 standards provide remote control capability to switch on/off external relay interfaces to power on/off third party devices. AiRISTA Flow’s AiR-WRC receives commands from AiRISTA Flow’s visibility platform to turn on/off the power or provide signal to the external device, allowing control of devices such as alarm indicators (siren, strobe lights) and mechanical devices (door locks, elevator control modules.)
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Ekahau W4 Wrist Tag

The wearable AiRISTA Flow featuring Ekahau W4 wristband tag includes two colored LEDs, which signal events to the tag wearer and feature vibration-based alerting. Patients can request help or acknowledge calls utilizing this convenient tag option. The Ekahau W4 is re-chargeable and has comfortable, water-proof, watch-like design— plus, dual alarm indication with LED and vibration. The tag’s detachable wristbands allow for faster cleaning and boast a top barcode for simplified ID scanning.
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