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20 Case Studies on RFID Installations
RFID, or radio-frequency identification, has become a significant technology for functions like tracking and counting inventory, verifying identification, and, even, collecting trash. Read about how RFID technology is helping businesses in many industries.

1. RFID System Provides Equipment Identification With the Press of a Button

RFID and barcode technology are now becoming a fixture at construction site for the purpose of tracking equipment inventory. Through the RFID/GPS-location system, allows construction firms to track the movement of heavy equipment across multiple work sites. RFID chips are affixed to each piece of equipment or device, and tracking is done through a handheld RFID reader that can also transmit information about the age and origin of the equipment as well as whether the equipment is marked as defective. Read Full Article

2. RFID Helps Get Your Car Clean

Radio frequency identification systems are showing up in many different settings – including your local car wash. Customers purchase a rugged, tamper-resistant RFID tag to place on the vehicle’s windshield. An RFID reader at the entrance to the wash line then scans the vehicle identification, account billing information, and selected wash package stored on the RFID tag. The customer is then automatically billed for the wash using a prepaid plan, club plan, fleet account or pay per use option.Car wash vendors have seen and increase in per-customer revenue since installing this type of system. Read Full Article Please read all articles on Barcode News Learn about our RFID solutions and contact us for a personal assessment!