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Asset Management

Houston’s Leader in Asset Management Solutions

Optimizing a company’s inventory of assets while identifying its location is a daunting task. Tracking the movement of physical assets either by scanning barcode tags attached to the assets or using smart tags, like RFID tags, which broadcast their location, ensures all assets are accounted for in real time.

Asset-Management-by-Danforth-Systems-300x164Danforth Systems software integration provides immediate visibility to assets in the following areas:

  • In the warehouse,
  • In transit,
  • At the customer site,
  • In the technician’s hands, and
  • Accurate Asset Tracking
Access to accurate assets inventory allows companies to improve forecasting, balance stocking levels, and respond quickly to immediate demands. In distribution and logistics managing many types of assets poses concerns for determining the current and past locations and other information of a unique item or property. This can be supported by means of reckoning and reporting of the position of vehicles and containers, with the assets and property of concern, stored in a real-time data base. This approach leaves the task to compose a coherent depiction of the subsequent status reports. Another approach is to report the arrival or departure of assets and recording their identification, the location where observed, the time, and the status. This approach leaves the task to verify the reports regarding consistency and completeness.

What we offer…

Danforth Systems offers several methods of parts identification including:
  • 1D and 2D bar code symbologies,
  • Variety of media types (direct thermal, thermal transfer, anodized aluminum and ceramic labels),
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), and
  • ThermaEtch permanent marking
  • All are supported by a full line of bar code and RFID enabled scanners and mobile computers enabling both in-premise and mobile inventory management at the point of work.