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Network Systems

Wireless Infrastructure Network Systems

Wireless data communications has transformed the business world by improving efficiency and productivity. Enabling the mobile worker with connectivity to wired and wireless access on enterprise network systems to access data at its point of origin is critical. Danforth Systems ensures that wireless mobile computers are fully interoperable with multiple infrastructure products, which allow seamless integration into the network architecture. Wireless solutions should integrate seamlessly into an existing network as a wireless overlay or create a new free-standing all wireless network.

Danforth-Solutions-Network-Systems-300x164Danforth Systems designs, certifies and implements wireless networks providing seamless, secure wireless communication on mobile data collection devices using bar code and RFID technologies.

Danforth Systems provide essential services equipping companies with:
  • Best-in-class services that deliver and accelerate the implementation of mobility solutions for today’s enterprise customers,
  • Mobile technology enabling you to electronically capture data in real-time and communicate it to your back-end systems, and
  • Solutions to access, capture and send information from anywhere with integrated Cellular / WiFi networks.
Danforth Systems solutions combined with our partners’ technology helps companies combine business-critical wireless infrastructures with best-in-class automated data collection technologies and software to deliver integrated, end-to-end systems based on best-in-class technology. Leveraging automation today means knowing how to take advantage of real-time connectivity, open standards and interoperability, for today and for the future. Contact Danforth Systems today!