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Retail Business Solutions

RFID and Barcode Scanner Solutions for Your Retail Business

Retail is an ever changing business with the challenges of today’s economic conditions. Consumer shopping and spending has become more sophisticated and selective. That’s why it’s important to have flexible tools that allow retailers to quickly adapt to varying consumer demands.

Mobile-Solutions-Retail-BusinessTo maintain that competitive edge store operation must routinely adapt to ensure the best possible shopping experience for their customers. Mobile computers, printers and RFID systems help enable an effective demand / supply chain and improve employee performance resulting in increased profitability. Danforth Systems’ experience and knowledgeable sales staff helps you bring all this together.

Using mobile handheld computers, printers and partner applications, sales associates and store managers will have the adaptable tools they need, on the sales floor, to provide the highest level of service to customers. Equipped with the right mobile computer, pared with the best mobile printer, used in a wide range of store operation applications allows workers to perform:
  • Line / Queue Busting,
  • Mobile POS with PCI Compliance,
  • Order Picking and Staging,
  • On-demand label printing,
  • Price Markdown Optimization, and
  • Shrinkage / Loss prevention
Warehouse & Distribution
From loading dock to cash register, our inventory management solutions put you in control of your inventory. By combining mobile computers, wireless infrastructure and radio frequency identification (RFID) tag inlays and readers with partner applications, our inventory management solutions help ensure that your inventory is tracked accurately and efficiently every single step of the way. Getting the right product to the right store at the right time is critical in retail warehouse operations. That’s why it’s important to have flexible tools in place that can easily match the flow of inventory with changing consumer demands. With Danforth Systems’ site survey we can help you overcome challenges in your warehouse operations including:
  • Cross Docking,
  • Order Picking and Staging,
  • Put-Aways / Transfers,
  • Replenishment,
  • Shipping / Receiving,
  • Inventory Management, and
  • Wireless Infrastructure
Contact us today and let us show you how Danforth Systems can help your retail sales and warehousing operations optimize performance.