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Software Applications

Software Applications for Integrated Solutions

Danforth Systems and Integrated Software Vendor (ISV) Partners – A Winning Combination for Customers

image-software1Since ERP systems are not designed for mobile applications, organizations rely on the integration between mobile applications and back-end enterprise systems. Although mobility systems operate independently of the specific design of the ERP system, it is critical that these mobility applications are still able to interface with the enterprise. Danforth Systems understands the need to tie these two systems together. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we’ve developed several process-specific mobile applications designed for:
  • Asset tracking,
  • Field-specific workflows,
  • Equipment operator inspections,
  • Standard maintenance and inventory applications, and
  • Unique business needs and requirements
All of these require the expertise to integrate captured data with back-end systems. Danforth Systems’ software partners bridge this technology gap with fully-functional mobile solutions for businesses who use ERP systems such as Oracle, SAP, MAXIMO and J D Edwards. To maximize efficiency in your operations, this partnership enables you to capture, evaluate and respond to data collected throughout your organization. We work closely with our software partners to bring you best-in-class solutions and ensure that your mobile applications are able to support a wide variety of mobile devices including rugged handhelds, tablets, laptops and smartphones. Mobile users can easily connect to enterprise data over any IP-based network, including Wi-Fi and WWAN, with the ability to work both online and offline. Our hardware devices and partner software, along with Danforth Systems services and technology assets, are integrated to provide a superior customer experience. Together, we turn our combined offerings into the effective delivery of a complete solution for our customers. Danforth Systems along with our software vendor partners provide application technologies and platforms to help enterprise customers like you deliver better business outcomes. Contact us today to learn more about our ISVs and the mobile solutions we offer.