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Warehouse Operations

Improving Warehouse Operations

Warehouse and distribution center operations require a wide range of rugged data collection systems and wireless networks designed to withstand harsh environments and extreme temperatures.

Warehouse-Operations-300x164Danforth Systems solutions offer:
  • Long lasting, high-speed data collection,
  • Communications for: Real-time inventory tracking, Labor productivity, and Delivery status, and
  • Integrated systems seamlessly interfacing with WMS and ERP systems in real-time
Improve Accuracy and Performance From handheld scanners and computers that can read location markers on the ceiling (up to 50 ft. away), to forklift-mounted computers with RFID readers, Danforth Systems helps you improve accuracy and performance. Printers By adding printers you have the flexibility to:
  • Label and tag shipments with serialized shipping-container codes.
Danforth real-time solutions help you…
  • Make faster, more accurate deliveries,
  • Handle more shipments,
  • Improve your outbound load planning,
  • Reduce lost shipments, and
  • Streamline your retail delivery process
Certified Cisco reseller and installer As a certified Cisco reseller and installer (including VoWiFi and RTLS), Danforth Systems ensures that you have optimum performance and the latest security from your wireless network.