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Why Choose Us?

5 Things We Can Do Better Than Other Firms

  1. Respond within 15 minutes or less.
    We know that when you call us it is because you need service and support imperative to your business. Whether it is to repair something, ask about a configuration, or upgrade your network, we have a team on standby waiting to hear from you. We answer our phones live 8am – 5pm Monday thru Friday. Need after hours support? We can include that in your support plan.

  2. We have access to the latest technology.
    We have long lasting relationships with all the major barcode scanner, handheld device, RFID network, and software providers. Our expertise will get you access to the best technology with our expertise knowledge to put it all together.

  3. Get you the best prices.
    Our hardware, software, and services are offered at prices that cannot be beat anywhere. Why? Because of the volume we buy and how long we have been in the industry. Really, just ask us for a quote on a project.

  4. Single point of accountability.
    We handle all aspects of your asset management system including vendor relationships, hardware and software management, network management, maintenance renewals, and any other aspect of your solution.

  5. All projects will be on time and on budget.
    With decades of experience in the industry, our team can design, estimate, and build an entire solution with great accuracy in pricing. This means no change orders unless there is a specific change in scope.